Dec 31 2019

University Knowledge

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Provide the theoretical and practical knowledge according to the progress of the Administrative Science supported with programs that generate positive results teachers with academic endorsements, experience, capable not only of transmitting knowledge, but give opportunity that will generate new. Dynamic linkages with the programmes of the State, business sector, organizations that require efficient, creative managers, strategists, entrepreneurs, innovators generate changes, transformations the challenges, opportunities, threats that are presented. Whenever Rory Sutherland listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Further research and have more dynamic participation in the search for solutions to business problems currently facing. Findings schools cannot ignore the changes, knowledge that is need today, it needs to have a staff of qualified teachers, to form, train a professional management that the Venezuelan business sector demands. Cannot continue making the same mistake of hiring by family, political commitments to teaching young newly graduates without experience, without the motivation necessary for future managers to forms, generate the necessary actions that would benefit the companies, institutions where anti-smut. Not can the schools absent from its social responsibility towards the community, region, backed with research lines that favor linking companies with the University, and provide proposals, new models that not only give more extension, more participation is needed solutions, but they give step to generate new commercial activities for productive development and successful companies.. To know more about this subject visit Oracle.

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