Oct 21 2021

The Universe

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What you can do is to raise your vibrations slowly and for this I recommend you carry out the following actions/exercises: scale impotence part #1 Tip-get you angry as all your physical efforts have not served of nothing, (put a business that was not and have not found employment), that means that you’ve been acting without first aligning your energies and as a result of acting in misalignment you are attracting more of the same, in spite of all your efforts. As get done several things to solve a situation and do not see results now you feel impotence because you do not see the output, you do not have the slightest idea of what to do to improve the situation, this feeling of helplessness and despair is terrible. The first thing I recommend is done to upset you. Anger calibrates much higher than impotence and is preferable to be angry than impotent because the universe answers very different from both vibrations. Part of the scale angry Tip #2 frustration assume that you’ve already spent several days by changing your vibrations of impotence to anger. Your feeling is still not very positive, but already you do not feel so powerless or sad. Be angry is not bad, obviously while you do nothing to externalize that feeling. Assuming that you are already in the part of the anger, comes in frustration, frustration calibrates higher than anger and much higher than impotence.

Begins to think that everything that is happening to you what are attracting because you’ve not been able to vibrate high and is something a normal consequence that you are beginning to learn how the law of attraction. Spends a few days thinking about what this happened by accident, and due to that ignorabas as you raise your vibrations but that it depends on changing your feelings and as soon as do you the universe/God will send you new things realize that your circumstances are equal to the vibration that you have been sending to the universe. And that if change your vibes will change things. Part of the scale frustration Tip #3 devote yourself now passes to the occupation. Fill yourself with activities or jobs to perform to be as busy as possible. Occupation calibrates taller than frustration and now your feeling will be much better than the helplessness with which you started. Part of the scale occupation Tip #4 Marvel – after in trouble and occupation a few days climbing the scale again and looking for the sense of wonder. The sense of wonder vibrating higher than gratitude and is similar to the appreciation.

Happens a few days to amaze you of beautiful things on our planet have much, much material for Marvel. A. start from here occupies your mind at Marvel and thou shalt make the universe to deliver you the most wonderful things you can imagine. Everything attracts his equal. When you achieve to occupy your time and mental in Marvel energy you will feel better and will come to good terms with the money, someone who has gone through the same thing only tells you the positive vibrations attract money. I liked this article?

Dec 31 2019

University Knowledge

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Provide the theoretical and practical knowledge according to the progress of the Administrative Science supported with programs that generate positive results teachers with academic endorsements, experience, capable not only of transmitting knowledge, but give opportunity that will generate new. Dynamic linkages with the programmes of the State, business sector, organizations that require efficient, creative managers, strategists, entrepreneurs, innovators generate changes, transformations the challenges, opportunities, threats that are presented. Whenever Rory Sutherland listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Further research and have more dynamic participation in the search for solutions to business problems currently facing. Findings schools cannot ignore the changes, knowledge that is need today, it needs to have a staff of qualified teachers, to form, train a professional management that the Venezuelan business sector demands. Cannot continue making the same mistake of hiring by family, political commitments to teaching young newly graduates without experience, without the motivation necessary for future managers to forms, generate the necessary actions that would benefit the companies, institutions where anti-smut. Not can the schools absent from its social responsibility towards the community, region, backed with research lines that favor linking companies with the University, and provide proposals, new models that not only give more extension, more participation is needed solutions, but they give step to generate new commercial activities for productive development and successful companies.. To know more about this subject visit Oracle.