Jan 18 2015

The Release Of Actual Multiple Monitor 3.0 Has Announced Actual Tools

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How to transfer the Windows 7 taskbar with actual multiple monitor 3.0 on the second screen has Windows 7 has a new redesigned taskbar with many new task management functions. Since the operating system was released in October 2009, many Windows multi users of monitor searched for a solution that would allow the use of the advantages of Windows taskbar on additional screens. The new version of the award-winning software “Actual multiple monitor” presents a multi monitor Taskleistenerweiterung, which provides support for the advanced features of Windows 7. After the installation, “Actual multiple monitor” creates a copy of the Windows taskbar and transfers them to the second screen. “Each copy has the same appearance and the same functionality as the original system tray: you has essential control functions such as the Start button, the tray and the button Show Desktop” you support for JumpLists program It also enables more applications to secondary taskbar (either via the context menu of the application button, or drag-n-drop of the application shortcut) to add similar buttons can together be grouped the program shows Windows previews for taskbar buttons (with multi preview for switching area groups and browser tabs) on the Aero peek on the arrangement of the buttons can be changed with the mouse the program allows highlighting of button, the mouse pointer is currently located on the, and allows displaying the progress bar in the taskbar buttons to learn more about the properties of multi-desktop taskbar “Actual multiple monitor 3.0” and the advantages of providing they receive, please read the article “Windows 7 dual monitor taskbar: how to extend Windows 7 taskbar to a second monitor” (“Windows 7 dual monitor taskbar: How do you get the Windows 7 taskbar on the second screen”) transfer”) see:… . Thanks to “Actual multiple monitor 3.0” which is user friendly and logical multi-monitor management under Windows 7, regardless of which screen the user is being used. Prices and availability “Actual multiple monitor” can with all Windows operating systems from Windows 2000 (including 64-bit versions) are used and costs $29.95 (USD) per single-user license.

Also for large customers will receive a discount (see…). You can find additional information about “Actual multiple monitor”, many tutorials, success stories, and a 30-day trial version of the actual tools Web page. “# Note to the editors: let us know if you have any questions about our product or additional information about actual multiple monitor” would like to receive. You can send an email to Mr Alex Fadeyev). Will give you a free unlock code if they have a report about our software want to write, sent on request. IT journalists are asked to rely on this press release and related materials. About the company: Actual tools is a software development company which has focussed on the development of desktop applications for the family of Windows operating systems. The company was founded in 2001. Actual tools will help with its innovative solutions and services,”the users (both private and business customers), to increase the efficiency of their computers. Product page: multiplemonitors / download link: files/ammsetup.exe corporate website: Press Center: press / press release online: press / detail.php? ID = 1264 & press_lang = en

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