Jun 12 2019

German Judiciary

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In the time of Internet networking sites like Wikipedia and Facebook the Prosecutor’s Office receives new opportunities Berlin, 04.03.2011: with the CeBIT 2011 goes an era of the German judiciary to end, in a legal opinion gained importance this was sold by publishers, while free expressed legal opinions were regarded as suspect. In the time of Internet networks such as Wikipedia and Facebook the Prosecutor takes the publication of legal comments now supported by the RA AG to the laws into their own hands. Under the RA German laws online app/application already over 10,000 lawyers of German lawyer search service DASD may in their legal fields or focus on commenting on the provisions of the published currently 750 German laws under their name now. The RAeDGK comment, standing RA German laws according to the order of the Prosecutor’s Office to advise the citizens in the application of the law and to accompany the The authors are public and thus also the judiciary for free under the symbol RAeDGK”too Quotable. The expert commentaries are supplemented by an Advisor commentary for the audience. RAeDG incl. Additional information is available at Gary Kelly. RAeDGK is available online on and everywhere in the RAeDG touch apps that currently enjoy stores of increasing popularity among the population in the German app – finger touch available. In addition, RAeDGR begins building a case-law database of the lawyers the RA AG with the new product.

All the lawyers registered with RA Court decisions can publish accidentally with a guiding principle and a short comment under your name. The decisions can be linked externally free, insb. in comments, so the authors can include your own decisions of the firm without regard to a publication by publishers in their comments. The RAeDGR jurisdiction collection is public also free of charge. The new RAeDG RA German Laws touch app iPhone repeated the success of the iPad now on the iPhone.