May 30 2019


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Certain time I arrived at the point of I gave up exactly, when I was knowing that my father would come of Spain for Brazil that decided to go with it, prepared everything released college, made my passport, when it was knowing it spoke: ' ' you go pra Spain exactly I you agreed that yes with the head and it she continued saying if you knew that something loves you you would be here because of this person? I spoke and at the same time I thought would not be ties because I was here so far and they had not said nothing to me and why I would not go? I go to construct to my life far daqui It simply it lowered the head and it spoke: you not vai' '. Ah! It did not want more ouviz it I was ties my shepherd and to open the word pra to see if God would approve my attitude when it says me to God ' ' you not vai' ' it was not in these words, more God did not allow me and today I am here in Brazil because obeyed I it. It ah! It simply arrived me and said ' ' You did not say to you that not iria' '. I was brave excessively, more I passed. I arrive at the times to think that it is not pra me and that I am not the woman who it in such a way dreams in having. One day I felt pra so to me low that in way our colloquy we were saying with our friends on children it simply spoke. ' ' If to kiss never goes down children and no woman goes to have this prazer' '. Pra me this day was pra the more low day that I had, arrived to think about this moment ' ' I go behind outro' '.

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