May 30 2019

Safe Winter Tires

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Auto – it's not an abundance of, say classical, but a means of transportation. And it needs to be very many things: care, a necessary device and in the required elements of such a motor, wheels, etc. By the way, on wheels. They are, I would say one of the key components of the vehicle: with their help, he is considered vehicles. However, the wheels also have multi-parts, what is very dangerous neglizhirovat. Some of them – the bus.

This will depend on what moving car, it the ability to go on a bad roadway and so on. But there is the most important mission of tires – to protect the driver and passengers. Especially this be related to pore winter, when all the car owners are convinced need to buy winter tires. Why is it necessary to buy winter tires? It's very simple: the winter – it cnegopad and ice, and it is slippery and dangerous road. This, in turn, holds a significant increase in accidents on roads.

It is here that dates back to the most interesting. Necessary "to put on" wheels of own car in the bus, which could be ready for the "gift" of winter, a wet road, the rain and frozen puddles. Winter tires will save and auto people from the accident, the driver will be more confident braking and turning on the highway. Buy winter tires is not so easy. Although you can buy them in any cities of our country – in Kyiv, Dnipropetrovsk, but before you buy should know what are these tires, and that should be specifically for the car you're interested. There are two types of winter tires – with or without spines. The first version of the tire, they still call studded, made of more solid matter and they have special cleats. Non-studded tires include a special type of rubber, with whom she at once tough and myagenkaya, depending on the coating, which moves in cars. Studded tires provide more strong grip and shorter braking distances. If you have a lot of travel around the frozen roads, the most advantageous to buy winter tires this kind. Studless tire is designed for snow-covered slopes. What choose? It must be remembered the advantages and disadvantages of such tires. Studded tires on ice is convenient to use, but not profitable on dry pavement. If you do not move out of town, in which clean sediment and ice from roads, it is much better used tires without studs. However, putting it, remember that stopping distances on ice to increase significantly. But the car's handling on the road with the soft snow will significantly increase, since such a situation the main thing contour of the tread, not the presence of spines. So what we have available? First – you must select winter tires While on a roadway would drive cars. Second – to buy winter tires in Ukraine is easy, since they are in all the settlements in Dnipropetrovsk, Kyiv and the like. In winter, protect the driver and his companions will depend not only on the ability to drive and knowledge of traffic regulations. To a greater extent It will depend, as it is not surprising from the tires, especially if your route is where a lot of ice.

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