Mar 10 2016

Roman Abramovich

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And as such, play football here is not the first role. Creating a football team – an incredibly difficult thing, requiring first time. Artificial team, albeit from very strong players at the beginning will tolerate failure – and that's fine. Chelsea in the first season after the arrival of Roman Abramovich has won a Premier League second place; backbone of the current Barca took a year to play before Barcelona was the champion of Spain. Victory come only played for teams. And other than a competent transfer policy of the current CSKA can not be named: for the club played enough priobrateniya 03.04 per transfer window. And then, basically, to increase competition. Many admire this policy, Giner, calling her.

This is not the point selection. Just for beginners easier fit into already stable team, that's all. High klvss player – this is a big part of success. But it is important to consider whether the suit football club stylistically. A sad example of the time did not think about Inter – very revealing. The stadium and its fans. Originally emerged as a football game in its initial sense. Fun for the players and pleasure to the spectators.

Over time, people began to appear favorite football teams: the man with the club fused soul and even frequently to invest in development of the club, becoming a shareholder. Love the club passed children, grandchildren, family tradition, there were a hike in football. Tradition laid sick from the earliest times. Today the British are considered the best and most loyal fans – the history of the development of football in England, the most old. According to a poll of fans among married-English (2005) for more than 85% of respondents admitted that they are willing to part with his wife rather than stop going to the stadium and cheer for your favorite team, how bad she did not play.

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