May 31 2019


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To buy the discs need to find a specialty shop, where you not only pick up the correct wheels, but also to properly install them. However, a beginner motorist is very difficult to judge which of the better specialty stores. Let us consider the question, where are all the same, it is better to buy drives in detail. High quality and constantly updating designs contribute to the continuous growth of demand for alloy wheels production of "Kick", which suggests their high popularity among motorists, who decided to buy wheels for your car. Deciding to buy CDs, it is important to note that all wheels produced in accordance with GOST-R 50 511 must have the following basic markings: Date; Size rim Departure wheels Permissible load statistics (eg: Fb = 500 kg, or 500 KG Index load). The sign of conformity GOST R 50 511 (icon PCT). Markings shall be permanent and indelible. To cast wheels, it is engraved on the molds and molded wheel.

If you decide to buy CDs from the catalog of guaranteed validity, even when replacing the brake pads are ideally designed to stand on his seat. Setting the alloy wheels on the car is not very different from the installation of steel wheels, but still buy CDs and install them in specialized centers is recommended. Thus, Now you know how to not make a mistake to buy CDs that they were the "size" your car and to please you. Then go ahead – dare to change the look of your car!

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