May 21 2019

Modernization Goals Obstacles

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What does the constant modernization process for a company and how to secure logic and code? EasiFrames by EasiRun Europe innovation for mainframe environments part 1 EasiRun Europe with EasiFrames of one of the fastest and most cost-effective poorest risk tools on the market brought to make COBOL and non-COBOL program code in a modern Web application. Priorities like platform independence, use of new technologies to bring existing application development and a factor of human (developer user) under a hat is managed with EasiFrames, exactly according to customer and market requirements. EasiFrames is a complete solution, specifically designed to enable the migration of legacy applications into the Web environment, to accelerate development of new functionalities to expand, coupled with the most innovative and advanced Web and basic technologies (u.A: BPM and cloud computing). With EasiFrames the extent of subjective and therefore critical decisions reduces design and development regarding. New and old applications can ko – exist. EasiFrames comes with faster production-ready functionality Extensible – without the risks, with an all or nothing “approach are connected. EasiFrames is not only mature in terms of technologies, platforms, and applications, but the factor taken into account an exceptional measure man”, the most important in the development of the software application.

EasiFrames prevents and dissolves existing blockages, which can be connected in the use of new technologies. Because the familiar and proven is not lost, but is retained in its quality and works, as it would be in the new world”has been created. EasiRun advises on strategic and economic position and performs according to integration, migration and modernization. This includes also the future-oriented reconstruction of IT systems and / or migration of existing applications to cut costs. Curious? Read next week part 2 of new solutions for Mainframe environments. Too curious? Then select the quick way: Usingen, the 11.02.2011 contact EasiRun Europe GmbH Stockheimer track 20 61250 Usingen phone 06081 9160-30 fax 06081 9160-49

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