Jan 28 2019

Landmark Bridges

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In the days where they had been in the space the cosmonauts had become very known of the public, therefore they appeared in tev with frequency (WALNUT, 2005). The first generation of Soyuz ships was endowed with a small valve that if opened automatically when the same one touched the ground. The objective age to allow the fast pure air inlet to the interior of the capsule until the arrival of the rescue team. It could later be closed manually for the cosmonauts, case desired it to these. A posterior inquiry selected that so soon the ship entered in the superior layers of the atmosphere this valve confided due to a defect and its internal atmosphere was all launched for is, due to lesser external pressure.

The ship continued to fall and its parachutes had confided automatically, depositing it slowly to the ground (SPACEFACTS, 2010). 2.4.1. Consequncias the air valve that provoked the decompression of the ship was redesigned, starting to only operate manually. That is, it would only be opened when and if she desired it to the crew. A deeper effect was that, from this accident, the Soviet crews had started to carry through the space trips dressing a suit pressurized it has led, used during the maneuvers of launching, acoplagem and return to the Land. The suit is called Sokol and is used until today for the cosmonauts (this suit can be seen, for example, in the official photos of the mission of the Brazilian cosmonaut Landmarks Bridges). The Chinese space program exactly arrived to copy this suit for use of its proper space travellers. Such suit does not serve for walked space, but to so only protect the crew of an eventual despressurizao of the ship.

In such situation the cosmonauts could remain livings creature for up to two hours, time than more enough to become fullfilled a landing of emergency in any region of the globe. (SPACEFACTS, 2010). After the tragedy the Soviets had remained themselves without flying until September of 1973, that is, for more than two years. In this meantime they had carried through intense inquiry on the causes of the disaster. Also they had redesigned its ship, making nothing less than 1,009 modifications. These modifications had made with that the internal space was slightly diminished, in way that from the Soyuz-12 the Soviet ships would start to lead only two cosmonauts (from November of 1980 it only is that the Soyuz-t ships, redesigned, would start to lead three cosmonauts again). Also they had used the two years for develops

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