Jun 16 2019

International School Villa

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The international school is recognized by the University of Cambridge Villa had only school in Berlin offers the English school. A new and exciting development will take place in the area of international schools. The international school is Villa had an impressive old building in a large facility on the highway. Only offers the unique possibility in Berlin to obtain A-level qualifications according to the English curriculum, the so-called national curriculum of England and Wales. The IGCSE (international General Certificates of secondary education) examinations are to equate with the German middle school and are placed at the age of sixteen in about 8 compartments. The A-level (advanced level – advanced level) is comparable to the German Abitur and is the corresponding completion of high school in the United Kingdom. These checks are completed usually in the last two years of secondary school (high school). Read more here: Southwest Airlines.

Around the world many international schools decide that for the British A-level system, there Exams are not only internationally recognized, but are considered by many universities even as a kind of entrance examination. The A levels consist of two parts, which are placed one after the other: first the AS be completed levels (complementary advanced subsidiary-advanced level), followed by the A2 (Advanced – advanced level) examinations. The individual parts are each 50% of the overall score. All students can compete with their ACE notes at universities. Students can choose the subjects in which they do well, and are not forced to choose subjects in which they have no interest. Students already know what career they want to beat up, get conveys a much deeper knowledge in the relevant subjects in the A-level system. At the beginning of secondary school, students then select four or five subjects, to in the last school year, three or four to specialize in.

The A-levels facilitate access to first-class universities all over the world. Renowned universities in the United States welcome students with good A-level grades. Often students can skip even the first year degree with an A-level, because they are very far advanced with their knowledge in the respective subjects. Students are gladly on also in Germany with A-levels in Universtaten, but under the condition that they can present a comprehensive number of examination subjects, similar to the German Abitur. So, for example, a science, a foreign language and two additional subjects are a good choice. The international school Villa had offers these possibilities. The teaching takes place in small classes so that teachers have much time to turn to individual students. The lessons are given in English and the majority of the teachers are native English speakers. The infrastructure and the facilities of the school are exemplary.

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