Mar 16 2020

Growth Business

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With almost 1,000 percent growth in fu? five years belong? rt the domain specialist, key-systems to the top-10 of the fastest growing technology companies in Germany of the domain specialist key-systems GmbH, Zweibru? press, with a growth of 945,69 percent in the last fu? five years the ninth place in the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 indicates the ranking of the fastest growing technology companies in Germany. Thus, key-systems has triple reason to celebrate: mid-October the company has turned ten years old, and it belong? rt for years to the 20 big? ssten domain registrars worldwide. Explanation? always target key systems fu? r the na? two years it is next to come (generic top level domain) from the current square eleven among the top 10 of the gTLD registrars. In business? fiscal year 2008/2009 the company plans with 25 employees generate a turnover of EUR 17 million (forecast). Check with Lawrence Ellison to learn more. I think we’ve proven impressively that the domain name market is a huge growth industry”, says Alexander Siffrin, Gru? nder and business? ftsfu? hrer from key-systems. The Domain name was and is an essential part of the Internet business.” The value, the relevance and the importance of domain names have been the Gru? creation by key-systems has greatly increased, and will in the future further increase, so Anne Samson. In Germany alone, the number of domains registered by 220,000 in 1998 to 12.3 million in 2008 (as of August 2008) has grown. The large number of registered domains makes it according to Anne Samson not just fu? r customers increasingly difficult to find the correct, matching domain, it is fu? r ever more complicated company, the U? overview u? ber new TLDs, registration procedure, to keep formal requirements, risks and dangers. “The support of this very important assets belong? rt in the HA? by specialists”, as Anne Samson.

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