Dec 22 2017

Group Coaching Workshop Seminar

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Trademark I – so you up with self – marketing, self – PR and USP well trained, clever, resilient and yet still far get away from the dream job? Then you might lack the right strategy: ICH-marketing. Martina Wagner from shows how to best sell. Step 1: what am I? Know the question, by Robert Lembke, the response takes more than a few five-euro bills. In the workshop or in the coaching make inventory in their head and dig up forgotten and underrated talents. Self-marketing is primarily self-recognition”says Martina Wagner, coach and career consultant ( Before you develop any professional strategy, you must know what you have. “Making career today with a combination of typical female and typically male characteristics: the talent, the pros and cons of a decision to weigh and the appetite for risk and risk.” In the workshop and the coaching is defined, what do you mean in the marketing-USP: his unique selling Proposition”. So a combination of properties, from all other products say: Competitors is different and makes it unique.

Step 2: What is my marketing strategy? After step 1, you have already written it: you are a top quality product. Only: Where do you sell is the best? (Not only), by reply job postings or call at the employment office. In the workshop or in the coaching to develop together ideas, where it best picks up his audience, where it stands: maybe you meet the dream boss on an industry party rather than, or at the bar. And then it says don’t make a mess but pads! Coach Martina Wagner: They always remember, you are your own branded the boss and the boss of their own campaign. And what would you think of a company, in which advertisement is: our things are okay? Forget it: you are the real thing! Step 3: What am I worth? Low tide on the account? Then you have sold perhaps too long too cheap. That deadline is now. Real class has its price, you will have to your Only convincingly represent skill and talent.

Riddle in the workshop: you are a cheap brand product or a more expensive quality article? It sounds heretical, but just a Marketing Director considering if he determines the price of an item. And the workshop participants must also ask exactly that. No matter whether you prepare for a job interview or a discussion of content within a company. Step 4: How do I get in the conversation? You have something (male) colleagues. Talk talent and fun at the Exchange. Shamelessly exploit the advantage. Do good and talk about it. Especially in the presence of your boss. “” First the good news: women are usually team capable, open, and communication-capable as men, “believes adds Martina Wagner by coachingarbeiten.deund: the bad news: often make their own services in the shadows.” This should be changed in the coaching and workshops. According to the motto: An end to modesty. Advertise for themselves, stand in the spotlight and avoid the pitfalls. In collaboration with the PR agency offers Martina Wagner and her team of power workshops and coaching (also individual coaching) on to the topic of self marketing and self-promotion. You send start-ups and entrepreneurs, self-employed, entry level and professional newcomers, but also businessmen and business women.

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