May 09 2016

Development Evolution

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For being a furniture for 4 children, the socialization is stimulated still more, since in the preschool phase it is essential the children to have contact with other children of the same etria band, since they must communicate themselves, learn to divide, to play together, to respect rules, to learn to earn and to lose. In this way, observing all these aspects, are possible to reach the main objective of the work, that is to stimulate the development and the learning of the children in the phase of pertaining to school initiation. GRATEFULNESS I thank all the people who had helped me in some way during the related Work of Conclusion of Course, especially to my Carmem mother, my Daniela person who orientates and marceneiro Mr. Francisco. REFERENCES 1 BAYNES, K. Children designing: progression and development in design and technology at key stage 1 and 2. Loughborough: DD& T/Loughborough University, 1992.

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