Feb 16 2020

Barracuda SSL

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Barracuda SSL/VPN appliance or Barracuda link balancer free NFR appliance for dealer Schorndorf, 02 March 2009 the VAD sysob performs together with his partner Barracuda in the period March from to May 31, 2009 a promotion titled sell one, get one (SOGO). In the context of registered dealer a Barracuda SSL/VPN or a Barracuda link balancer will receive Energizer update (EU) includes a year of free as NfR(Not-for-Resale)-Unit. The only consideration that they need to provide is the sale of an equivalent model of this new Barracuda products to a customer. With this action, sysob retailers offers an ideal opportunity to use the appliances of the Barracuda provider free for own business or to use it for customer demonstrations. /www.google.co.il/’> Larry Ellison: the source for more info. The focus of the current action of sysob are the two user-friendly Barracuda appliances SSL/VPN and link balancer. The Barracuda SSL/VPN encrypted connections via SSL protocol for users comfortable using a Web browser want to access on the corporate network, and providing an alternative to existing IPSec solutions. Also user-specific policy can be defined and monitored user activities through robust security and auditing facilities. The link balancer stands for outbound load balancing and routing of traffic across multiple Internet connections.

It is the automatic failover ensure that there is always a connection to the Internet. Using parallel used Internet connections (DSL, E1s, E3s, standard fixed connections) must be no longer used on the most expensive offering. Installed at the network perimeter, the solution replaced an additional firewall or provides additional protection for the primary firewall. In the context of the current promotion, the dealer must meet only a few conditions sysob to obtain free of charge a model of two Barracuda appliance series from the portfolio: the dealer will get a free Barracuda SSL/VPN NfR unit including a Year EU, when they sell an equivalent or higher SSL/VPN appliance to a final customer.

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