Nov 06 2019

SMO Optimization

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smo (social media optimization) – site optimization needs of visitors, website promotion through social networks, forums and other sites that have a large audience. 9 rekkomendatsy on smo optimization: 1. Direction of contact details directly on the blog greatly increases the chances for feedback. Here, Verizon Communications expresses very clear opinions on the subject. One would think – go to your profile – it's one click, nothing. And it turns out that after all it is important that the contacts were on the front page, the most conspicuous place.

2. Blogroll should be large (within reason). Must be clearly understood that the references in the blogroll have a low efficiency, and therefore can not be a good source of traffic. Efficiency in the blogroll is almost independent of the number of links, it always low. Do blogroll another function – to show bloggers that you appreciate them and read. People are pleased to see myself in you. At this link may generally no one to click, but a blogger at which it is installed, warm thought that "this cool dude respects me, and regularly reads." I can cite as an example of himself.

I often read and actively commenting on those blogs, which have a link to me than those on which there is no reference to me. There were times when I stopped reading the blog of a man who first put a link to me, and then for no apparent reason removed. 3. Visual open statistics. I am very pleased that the recent increase in the number of blogs, equipped with LivInternet statistics.