Mar 16 2016

25 Facts About Gold

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25 facts about the gold one. At the heart of the English word 'gold' ('gold') is a proto-Indo-European root * ghel / * ghola, meaning 'yellow', 'green' and possibly 'bright 2. Gold is so rare that the world cast in one hour more steel than it was cast gold in the history of mankind. 3. Gold deposits were found on every continent of the earth. 4. Gold melts at 1064.43 Celsius. It conducts both temperature and electricity and never rusts 5.

Because of its high value, much of the gold mined in human history, still in circulation. However, scientists believe that 80% of world gold reserves are still in ground. 6. 75% of the total in circulation of gold was mined until 1910. 7. French doctors in the early 20th century believed that gold is an effective treatment for rheumatoid arthritis. 8. Gold is so plastic, that of it is possible to do a thread.

One ounce of gold can be stretched for 50 miles. 9. Gold is edible. In some Asian countries, gold is added to the fruit, jelly, coffee and tea. Since the early 1500s, the Europeans put a sheet of gold in the liquor bottles of brands as Danziger Goldwasser and Goldschlager. Some American Indians believed that gold consumption in food gives people the gift of levitation. 10. The largest ever found gold nuggets called 'Welcome Stranger'. It was discovered by John and Dizanom Richard Oates in Australia February 5, 1869. Dimensions nugget 10 to 25 inches (25.4 by 63.5 cm) and weight – 2.248 ounces (63.729 grams) of pure gold. Nugget was found at a depth of five centimeters. 11. Because of the global crisis caused by fears that the price of Gold in March 2008 reached 1000 U.S. dollars per ounce. This has been fixed for the first time in history. 12. Traditionally, in times of economic difficulties investors try to keep their assets in precious metals – gold and silver.