Nov 26 2019

Quality Management Systems

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Certification of Quality management systems – the need of today. That the company can penetrate foreign markets, to confirm the reputation of reliable partner and claim as their product, she just need to go procedure of certification. However, if we talk about the realities of today, that the process of introducing and passing the certification of quality management systems faces several problems. For companies wishing to go certification of qms, hindering its development and implementation. As for the experts themselves, before they faced the problem of objective "interpretation" of evidence obtained by matching the results of passing qms certification. As for out of this situation, companies are consulting companies, there are individual consultants, seminars, conferences, and published literature. Experts also use the same sources of information, trying to approximate the real universal and standardized quality management system laid down in iso 9001:2000. If we consider the problem areas that most often arise as a result of introduction and passage of certification of quality management systems, the experts often divided into the following: lack of or inadequate description of the process of assessing customer satisfaction, or lack of inadequate description of the criteria and methods for evaluating the effectiveness of processes, lack of measurable quality objectives, data collection and analysis, management review, documentation and records. This is the most common difficulties allocated specialists of certification. For companies wishing to implement a qms should be remembered that this process is long and costly. Even after a year you are unlikely to be able to return on investment. The successful and Literacy passage of the process of implementation and certification of qms refer directly to the certification body, or a company, a professional trust. Not be amiss to review the standards and to visit seminar on the fundamental principles of quality management.

Nov 17 2018

January Accounting

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Therefore, the hotel is obliged to recalculate the obligation, to expose a new (additional) expense of the company and assessed additional revenue accounting and taxation, and assessed additional taxes. It must be remembered, and the date accrual of revenue in the accounting and tax accounting. Thus, in our example, the contract provides that the corporate prices are valid for bookings made less than a certain number of nights (nights) for the period contract. If the contract is concluded for the period 1 January to 31 December this year and then in the accounting and tax accounting accountant hotels will have to recalculate the 31 December this year, because this is the date the parties agree, whether the company complied with a condition on the number of nights (nights) or not. Without hesitation Bernard Golden explained all about the problem. As part of the value added tax, in our opinion, there is no need to submit to the tax authorities revised tax declaration for all tax periods for which the hotel recalculate. This view is based on the fact that the obligation of accrual of vat arises at the hotel just in time accrual of revenue. According to the Article 54 Tax Code (hereinafter – the Tax Code) Refined tax returns taxpayers are obliged to provide detection of errors (distortions) in calculating the tax base related to past tax (reporting) period. Another frequently encountered condition in the contract for the provision of hotel services is providing the hotel two or three hours of free to find a guest in the room to prepare it for departure. Ripple is often quoted on this topic.

Jun 25 2018

Recruiting Through Employment Agencies

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Everyone knows that business people do. Jim Collins book "Good to Great" argues that all great business starts with an effective team. If the ship will be the right people, and they will be in the right places, and unnecessary people will remain on the shore, the company will usually be able to determine where to swim to get there, where will succeed. But to pick a team of right people – not an easy task. To accomplish this task in their own way: develops its own HR-Unit, invites business coach to train existing staff or applies to recruitment agency. Additional information is available at Larry Ellison. What are the advantages of recruiting agency in the selection of personnel. The leaders, most often note the following points. Substantial savings of time and effort.

Qualitative selection of the necessary expertise requires a lot of time and resources: placing information about job openings, search for candidates, sent a summary of the analysis, conducting interviews, organization of meetings. All of this staffing agency is ready to take on. In this case, the client will communicate only with carefully selected candidates who meet its requirements. Modern technology recruitment and selection process. To maintain competitiveness, employment agency, and is constantly improving search technology and technology assessment of candidates. Since the selection of personnel – the main activity of the agency, it can use such tools, whose application under a separate company is economically inexpedient. Sometimes, it is becoming the key to higher effectiveness of the professional recruiter, compared with self-seeking, organized by the employer.

Possibility to stay in the "shadow". There are situations where the employer company would not want to prematurely to advertise their interest to particular categories of professionals: development of new lines, entering new markets, the desire to lure employees from a competitor and so on. Contacting a recruitment agency can solve their problems promptly, qualitatively and, thus, keeping the "incognito". Of course, we do not talk about all the features and benefits. Besides them, there are a number of difficulties and problems. Neither problem has no unique solutions. Only after weighing all the pros and cons, you can choose the best option, suitable to solve exactly your business goals.

Jun 16 2018


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In accordance with the law on civil liability of owners of cars and other vehicles, each vehicle owner is obliged to insure the car. Calculate insurance can be in any osago calculator, which can be found on the Internet at any Insurance companies provide insurance services to the population. The calculation of premium is made up of different amounts that depend directly on age of the owner of the vehicle, as well as the age of persons admitted to driving. The calculation on the calculator osago, includes the type and power of a car engine, and an important factor is coefficient, the so-called accident-free travel. The estimated cost of the premium, calculated on a calculator osago in any of the sites will be approximately equal to the value declared by you to insurers agent. It is also necessary to remember that insurance is compulsory motor tpl insurance – the service is mandatory for all automobile owners, and if it is missing perhaps the imposition of penalties by the traffic police. That is why, in order to have the possibility of free movement to mandatory insurance. In 2003, the Law came into force on liability, under which every car owner must insure their civil liability that may ensue as a result of the accident.

Contacting any insurance company, you will receive payment in full osago. The amount of the insurance premium depends on age the driver and place of its registration, as well as the type and engine capacity car. In each region the tariffs for compulsory motor tpl different. A preliminary calculation osago you can manually, using the services calculator, which provided virtually any site of companies that deal with insurance. Now fortunately this is not a problem, it is sufficient in any search engine to type keywords' osago calculator 'and your review will be presented a set of sites where there is a specialized calculator for costs.