Dec 06 2014

Stable Banks

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Panama was including once again like " fiscal paradise not cooperativo" , but it is small country has worked arduously so that this image changes. If you are interested in the banks of Panama for intentions in the country or outside him, you must learn about the policies, processes, risks and functions related to the transactions of businesses in a financial institution of Panama. Panama has recently reinforced its legislation against the money laundering and has created a banking system that is very private and very competitive, Also has been controlled well by the international extra-territorial banking community. If you decide to make businesses with a bank of Panama, you can be sure that our privacy strictly will be reserved and their goods will be in a bank that is reliable and safe. Before the great reforms of half-full of 1990, Panama was the home of more than 150 extra-territorial banks, but that number has been reduced to near 80 banks. The remaining banks are due to adhere to the bank and all the strict regulations of privacy, while they are guaranteed that the illegal activities will not be allowed. The banks of Panama have many advantages on the banks in other extra-territorial jurisdictions or. The unique type of money that is subject to taxes in the Republic of Panama is those that are generated within Panama (the derived income to foreigners are not subject to taxes).

If he decides to incorporate his business in Panama, but you decide to handle his business elsewhere, you can deposit all assets and the income in his banking account of Panama without being responsible to pay the local taxes on his money. The banks of Panama offer many banking services for the banking client whom it requires of different options for his business. There are three types of accounts that you can obtain in a bank of Panama: commercial accounts, personal accounts and accounts of the companies.

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