Sep 28 2013

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For example, if your site is aimed at the niche of the guitar, might want to do an article on guitars. The standard is to write between 300 to 900 words, this is like one page letter size. Once you finish your article prepares the following elements: > your personal profile and a small biography > uses a sexy title, perfectly related content, and > determines 3 or 4 keywords > performs a small description or synopsis of your item > have a picture in jpg format then put your article in different specific directories for this purpose. Still more importantly, this stopped it at one point apart because it is the core part of this strategy and consists of placing the link to your website at the end of the message of the article. For example:. For best results use a small firm that call to action, for example: for more information or for further reference, or to obtain a free resource, visit my site at or click here for scores of guitar, as a reference text. To do this, visitors of these Articles directories can follow you to your web site, which is the main objective. On the internet there are several directories of articles for you apply this strategy.

Suggestion for the choice is to use the services of those who have a page rank above 3. A good directory of articles is precisely this site where you are, where you can publish both in Spanish and in English. Each special considerations one of the different directories manages its own rules and most of them require you to register previously. I suggest the following until you register: carefully read the policies of the directory, so know how to submit your article and this is published. Analyze your competition.

Search between the category in which your you would publish who is, what type, how presents its articles, how many visits have, and learn from them. There are other special considerations for marketing with articles which we will see later. For now, it applies basics and write honestly, Laura Silva Recomendacion: download for free confidential report models of business more successful of 21st century and the secrets to being successful with more relevant information.

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