Nov 26 2014

Outdoor Advertising

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All participants in the advertising business – and advertisers, and advertising services customers – know the power and potential of outdoor advertising. This type of information dissemination on the right is one of the leaders in this business and brings significant dividends for advertisers. But, as popular wisdom – there is no limit to perfection. In order to outdoor advertising to work more efficiently, you need to make the right decision when choosing the type of outdoor advertising, which is best suited to advertise a particular product. Among the most common types of outdoor advertising billboards can be identified (3×6).

Their main task is to sell goods or services, and rooted in the consciousness, to form a stable brand image. Such advertising structures are installed in places with large concentrations of the target audience and on busy traffic intersections, which makes it possible to cover maximum number of viewers. The second type of outdoor advertising, which is really designed to sell – this sign. Because they are located in places the direct implementation of the advertised product, signs attract attention and encourage to make a purchase in this place. Most effective for branding are firewall. -winners-283175971.html’>Shlomo Kalish.

This advertising material placed on the walls of houses and buildings. Firewall sometimes reach the size of 1000 square meters, and by such advertising material is simply impossible to pass. He immediately drew the attention that has a positive effect on building brand image. Another type of outdoor advertising banners are (troll). They are placed above the carriageway and are very effective for advertising activities limited in time – such as concerts, plays and DT, as well as used as pointers, guides to kontretnoy outlet or company. The advantage of a wide road constrictions audience and double-sided printing, which increases the advertising effect. Roof design as a form of outdoor advertising rather expensive. The main purpose of the installation of such advertising is not selling the brand, and maintain the image. Solid, to some extent, an elite advertising on the roof – a sign of a successful, stable and reliable company. And finally, light boxes – light boxes. This type of outdoor advertising allows you to stand out from other advertising structures due to irregular shapes, colors, experiment with light and shadow. This type of advertising is capable how to attract attention, speaking ELLEMENT image advertising, and to carry advertising and information function. These types of advertising are the most common and effective, they accounted for most of their advertising budgets in outdoor advertising. To carry out the most efficient campaign advised to clearly define goals and posted only for those carriers that ensure maximum achievement planned results.

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