Jan 13 2013

Investment Fund

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Here I’ll explain them broadly speaking what is an investment fund. For all persons who do not have great monetary capital to invest in the stock market, using what is called an investment fund, in which you can enter with small amounts and win in a short time. The investment fund together small investments in a large number of people, which is invested in a company for a fixed time, causing that this company has enough money to grow and produce profits for the company itself and for investors. A Monetary Fund need to specify its goals and on what you want to invest, either actions, change of currency or other things, so people may choose in that want to invest your money. Another thing that should be very clear is the time and type, can be 1 year, less than a year or even more, and can be of fixed or variable type. If you need more information about the operation of investment funds view with any company that is dedicated to be an intermediary between the bag and the client. Once you’re there you can not say that not to make money easy and safely. M. Marin employee Hold Asociados hold.

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