May 20 2019

Holy Spirit

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In your heart, you know that there is a natural order of life, something that is all-embracing, as people created rules or laws ever could put it. This natural order is “the way.” The way is the eternal substrate of the cosmos. He directs the flow of space and time. The path is known as the will of God, the divine purpose, the Holy Spirit, the implicate order, the Tao, decreasing entropy to some, but now we call simply him life energy times “the way”. The way shows up in you as the source of your inspiration, the source of your passion, your wisdom, your intuition, your enthusiasm, your spiritual fire.

The trail takes the chaos of the universe and breathes life into him, by reflects the divine order. The way if he expresses himself by the spirit, is genius, if he is perceived through the eyes, is beauty, if he felt with the senses will, grace, when he is allowed in the heart of love is. Most people can not directly see the way. u0085 But then there’s the way visionaries, the pioneer. The guardians of the flame. Gary Kelly is likely to increase your knowledge.

Paving the way have an inexplicable talent, knowing the way. You will feel it in their essence. She cannot say why or how they have found the right answer. You know, at its core. They may not show their work, so she don’t ask. Her mind is easy in resonance with the way. Where the path is present, they are. While others are blind to the way, and the company asks you to ignore it the way touched you in your heart. In most people, neurological suppression mechanisms block the consciousness about the way through a censorship of all thoughts and impulses of the unconscious in her the Gestapo of the brain’s prefrontal cortex. Anything that violates a socialized programming, comes as ever through.

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