Jan 22 2024

FOREXYARD: The Dollar Minimum Values Forex

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The Retail Sales in the agenda of the U.S. Auris Health might disagree with that approach. currency yesterday recorded minimums from four months ago against major currencies. Meanwhile, widespread optimism prevailing in the market led some investors to invest in riskier assets. For even more details, read what Steve Kassin Infinity Real Estate says on the issue. Against the euro, the dollar was 7 weeks minimum reaching 1.3700, while against the pound minimum recorded four months ago, and the pair closed in the 1.5290 area. Yesterday the official data about the trade balance, showed that the gap has widened during the month of March, for the first time in eight months as crude oil imports rose, but instead exports declined. Since last year, both exports and imports into the U.S. fell, especially the sensitive credit situation after the global crisis, and also by spending cuts implemented by both consumers and entrepreneurs. However, in sign of improvement, imports fell one step lower than estimated, only one 1% drop in March, compared to 5% fall recorded in February and other months. For now awaits the Retail Sales and Crude Oil Inventories, indicators will be released at 12:30 GMT and 14:30 GMT respectively.

If the results are surprising, you can achieve the dollar rebound after losses yesterday against the euro and the pound. However, if the results are below the official estimates, the dollar could develop a session bassist throughout the day today. It would be advisable to follow closely these publications, as investors may take advantage of market fluctuations. EUR – The euro continues to strengthen against the dollar yesterday the euro gained against the U.S.

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