Sep 10 2014

Butik Star

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He promised to look after the breakfast, did not want to understand what we do not like 4 * is better than 3 *. Brought the notebook, went online, found some exactly the number we booked and was told that it well, very, very different from the one in which we dwell. Then he still went off somewhere to call and investigate. Then he said we can go over things and settle in to your reserved number. So already spent a lot of time talking, so quickly packed up and went back to Butik Star. They said that we should wait until the room will be removed.

That is, it was just someone handed (though I specifically wrote a letter in advance in a hotel with a warning that we will arrive late at night). Decided not to wait, and leave useless things and go for a walk. Returned in the evening to receive his 'surprise'. Here everything was like in the picture (only without the wine and fruit), plus gowns, slippers and all. Before you pay for a room in 4 * hotel decided to look on the Internet, how much is there a standard room and it turned out that it cost the same amount at the time, how much and luxury 3 *, that is what the beauty of the stars not 4 * clear. Fed for breakfast, by the way, the same way. Perhaps our 'adventures' we then compensated. First, the money for one night pre-deducted from the card, then paying separately for each hotel.

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