Apr 03 2018

Bordello Wonderlust King

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The music is very wide and do a count with the best music videos no matter the genre can be very complex. Whether it is Rock, Bossanova, Punk, Metal, Reggae, Pop or any worldly sound has its space on these excellent counts where we not only present a video, we present a band / artist, that our criterion gives the size a little of its history and the best composition needs to be here. They are only basic contemporary musical parameters, if you want to know more about any band or artist exposed then recommend you visit any search engine of videos where high content of the sought-after artist is. But well no more rodeos this is the Top 5 of the great musical variety in the world, to view the videos you must click on the title of each review, we hope to make them enjoy 5. Gogol Bordello Wonderlust King: Gogol Brodello, band born in New York City from the mixture of several inmigrnates of Europe from the East, Israel and Ecuador. Led by musician and actor Eugene Hutz, Gogol Bordello is a band that It maintains the Gypsy sound roots which blends contemporary sounds like Punk, Samba and other sounds of Latin American and European origin. His musical genre is likewise called as Gipsy Punk (Punk Gypsy) and the Wonderlust King video is a success that comes to represent all that inheritance immigrant who runs through the veins of this great group.

4. Bloc Party I Still Remember:bloc Party, one of the main bands of the United Kingdom with a sound focused on rescuing the legacy of Post Punk left by Joy Division and that you have really marked all the current sound in recent years in bands of rock and electronics outlets in cities such as London, Manchester and Liverpool.

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