Nov 10 2015
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Salescoaching: Frank rad goes exclusive routes although it would be crucial for the success of the company, has the distribution in many SAP providers enormous need for improvement: lack of sales teams, the technical link with social and communicative skills. Frank Frank Rechsteiner, owner of the coaching and training company hype, advises and supports SAP partner for over twelve years in the sales and organizational structure. 3: Why not take advantage of the SAP provider in many places their sales opportunities? Frank Frank Rechsteiner: in many industries, the sales teams were under enormous pressure in recent years, this applies not only to the SAP environment. Although her work for the company’s success is very important, they were internally often unjustly treated? Even a look at the Board structure of larger enterprises, which industries reveals this: while each group in Germany has a Chief Financial Officer, there are only a few boards that expressly responsible for sales. Similar can be observed with medium-sized companies: here often sink the managing directors in business operations and don’t miss it at a consistent marketing strategy and control. But once ask what Board knows his sales results! 3: has the missing Board anchoring on the distribution implications? Frank Rechsteiner: in many companies, there is no clear and precise sales targets. Even worse, that often the sales budgets were cut during the financial and economic crisis, in order to save costs. Many sales departments were restructured again, with the result that the employees are demotivated today.

What absurd is because just a powerful sales offers companies a unique opportunity to increase their sales. 3: How is it ordered to the sales organizations specifically in the SAP environment? Frank Rechsteiner: especially for mid-sized SAP providers is often to observe that they have very little or even no sales teams. This is one of the missing sales concept, in addition, that the really good SAP sellers are very expensive and therefore not for every medium-sized companies affordable.

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