Jun 13 2019

World Cycling Championships

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The non-traditional Basque sports Basque country has great athletes in sports that are not Basque origin, especially football, cycling and rugby. Lamiako football game. Athletic game in the Cathedral. The main sport, as in the rest of Spain and France, is football. The top teams, Athletic Bilbao, Real Sociedad and Alaves are the norm in the Spanish professional soccer league. The policy of the Athletic Bilbao football club is to have only Basque players, or players that have been formed in Basque teams at lower levels, although its founders were British. Cycling is a popular sport in the Basque Country. All Basque cyclists, of any professional team, are followed by the fans, who also admires the great figures of the sport, although they are not Basques.In addition, almost all cyclists racing fans can see Euskaltel-Euskadi team belonging to the telecommunications company Euskaltel, in the form of its characteristic “orange tide”, particularly in the Pyrenees stages of the Tour de France. The Euskaltel-Euskadi cycling team is a commercial team, although it partly subsidized by the Basque Government and Provincial Councils. Abraham Olano won the Tour of Spain and the World Cycling Championships. Going back further back in time, Jesus Loro o took the Tour of Spain in 1957 and in 1982 the great Marino Lejarreta, a great rider and best known as a great friend to all, won the Tour of Spain. The Basque Ball and Basque Jai Alai are versions of the European family of games including tennis and squash. The Basque players, both in French and Spanish teams, highlighted international competitions. The benefits of mountaineering mountainous character of the Basque land, and proximity to the Pyrenees.Stand Juanito Oiarzabal, Alberto I urrategi Josune Bereziartu and Edurne Pasaban. One of the major basketball teams of Spain, Tau Ceramica, based in the Basque capital, Vitoria. In Bilbao there are other basketball team in the ACB, Bilbao Basket, as in San Sebastian, Gipuzkoa Basket. In recent years, the surf has settled on the Basque coast, despite the cold Atlantic waters, having become an important point Mundaka in the world surf circuit, although, due to harbor works in Bermeo, Mundaka lost his famous’ left wave ‘, but eventually recovered after a complete reconstruction of the shaped network. In the French Basque country, rugby is very popular among the Basque community. Two Basque clubs belong to the first division of French rugby league (Top 14): the “BOPB” or “Biarritz Olympique” in Biarritz and “Bayonnais Aviron” in Bayonne. The Biarritz colors are red and white and Bayonne, white and blue.

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