Jul 08 2019

Wood In The Bathroom – Classy Meets Nature And Creates A Warm Atmosphere.

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Due to its warm appearance, the natural coloration and patterning and last but not least the noble appearance of wood material has entered now in the modern bathroom. The bath classic: Cold tile look, ceramic bowl and plastic veneered furniture and the homely atmosphere maybe a plant. The bad design of yesterday is clear, clean easy and practical. But except for cold sterile appearance, no atmosphere comes up in the room in which we long for heat. Long ago, interior designers and bathroom Outfitters propagate a new building material, which benefits the looking design, but so far rather far from water and set up any moisture.

The experts now speak of wood as the alternative to tile, stone, and ceramic when it comes to redesign or new building the former head. Heat and moisture regulation what wood can worry more so before the combination of wood and water? No, say the manufacturer of bathroom furniture, floors, sinks and bathtubs made of solid wood. At Compliance with appropriate care instructions and tips, but mostly the right advice around the theme of wood in the bath this natural material can be very versatile in the bathroom. In addition to the distinctive warm atmosphere and exclusive appearance, wood also ensures a pleasant and healthy room climate, because it regulates the humidity in the room. Products made of wood are always pleasantly warm.

“Not every tree can be a sink the selection of suitable species plays an equally important role, such as a corresponding surface sealing”, explains Mr Lukas Stocker, carpenters and CEO of STOLIS wooden basin manufactory. Floors, sinks and bathtubs made of wood can be protected so by proper methods of finishing and sealing techniques, that humidity in the bathroom can cause no damage”, added Mr Stocker and refers to the selection of the suitable timber. Because noble hardwoods decided better suited by tight cell structure and toughness and offer in Structure and colour an exclusive look. The expert should the customer exactly explain how the various surface treatments work and which care instructions are to be observed”, stressed Mr Stocker. After proper sealing of course are UV light resistance as a high temperature resistance. Longevity through proper care as care indicate the wood sink professionals by STOLIS their customers, especially one with on the way: wood is a living material that protects the best way, by keeping as far as possible away chemical cleaning and scouring agents. Simple to damp wiping out is usually sufficient.” Usually an oil specially developed by the manufacturer shall be annexed oiled sink with you depending on the use of the sink three to four times a year after oil can. Press contact: STOLIS OG wooden sink and wooden bathtubs factory Platzl 112a A-6105 Leutasch Austria Tel.: +43(0)5214-20315 fax: +43(0)5214-20315-10 E-mail:

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