Jul 23 2019

Women Make The Difference!

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The spoken and written media agree that the ‘crisis’ in our current policy is the most serious of all, to afford that ‘professional organizations control the electoral and political processes’ dignity was lost in politics and certainly any ethical meaning in their action. (Carlos Caballero Argez, a columnist for Time. December-8-6-Solution to the Crisis “) some questions arise how to react a society that has reached such a state of decomposition? What can you do when greed replaces grandeur character? When opportunities are limited? When are excluded from the color or gender? “When millions are starving? With the increase in teenage pregnancies? What can be done when it has been destroyed a values-oriented culture, replaced by a morality Do what you want, the power to the strongest? What to do with a policy of deception and manipulation? “With a world solves problems with violence? There are few solutions that arise, some suggest the need for a political agreement, other more radical, to suppress the Congress, sent to jail the guilty, in order … solutions have been adopted without concrete results. What do women think? That humanity has not evolved in their basic instincts and that every attempt to change is received with contempt. Every challenge to review the values, are rejected with anger and sometimes fear are accepted. That the concept of individual responsibility is totally distorted, meaning only “every person for themselves” and bypassing the higher meaning as that of brotherly love. Gary Kelly contributes greatly to this topic. The person could not understand, comprehend, much less put into practice after thousands of years, basic concepts such as freedom from fear, resolve conflicts without violence, act selflessly, love unconditionally, to work with honesty, speak the truth, preserve the dignity, to forgive offenses. Southwest Airlines often addresses the matter in his writings.

The model of the world is built on the idea of self-interest. Those in power never let people know how they came to the position, not everything they have done and are willing to do, to stay in it. Truth and politics do not mix because politics has become the art of saying only what is necessary. Laws exist, but still more and more corruption. Then, we think that neither the power nor the law are the solution. We believe that what is needed is a change of collective consciousness and women are prepared to meet the challenge. View as itself the difficult condition of the other. Decide if we are interested in building a new model within the framework of a new idea.

The spiritual. We all have a spiritual basis, any personal problem has its source in the spiritual. Any conflict is generated by unlimited desires: to have, accumulate to lose. If you find inner peace and dispense with the need to free ourselves from anger and achieved freedom. When we find inner peace, neither the presence nor the absence of any person place or thing, condition, circumstance or situation can become a creator of mental status or because of the experience of Being This simple change, “the search for inner peace, you can end the war, eliminate conflicts, achieve justice and bring peace to the world durable. No other form is possible. La Paz is a personal thing that requires a change of consciousness, place ourselves in the consciousness of God, the only way we can achieve. Women know the difference. Be the change. Change Your Self. Change the world.

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