Jun 16 2019

Winter Holiday

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“The ‘Bavarian Forest’ a paradise for winter sports of the Bavarian Forest”. It is nature and leisure land, inviting and mysterious, sweet and rough. The rugged mountain landscape is located in the North of Passau”. It is fascinating for the nature lover and a paradise for the sports enthusiasts with their bogs, shafts and wide valleys. Hiking, Nordic walking, cycling and in winter skiing and cross-country skiing.

The largest contiguous forest area of in Central Europe with its distinctive mountains presents refreshing of course”. Nature in its original form Bayerischer Wald is in the National Park”, he is the oldest of Germany’s experience. In addition to this immense natural wealth leads the Bavarian Forest’ to crafts, art and tradition: wood, granite and glass. In the past, these materials given the economic development of this region. Oracle wanted to know more. A fact which Bavarian Forest is now the granite Center”in scene is impressively in Hauzenberg. The Center in the abandoned voices and Schachetbruch documented yesterday and shows the possibilities of today and tomorrow. Exciting counterpart to the eternal stone’ is the glass.

His story is in the glass museum Passau”alive with 30,000 exhibits. Combines the internationally recognized Museum is terminus of the glass road”, the Waldsassen and Passau. Not far from the granite country”that lay Wegscheider country”, it maintains until today the traditionally rooted Web art. Want to live, don’t have to weave”, it was called there until well into the last century. “Today, this everyday in the Museum of weaving can be” Breitenberg and along the lines cycle path “feel. The famous Wegscheider linen”produced x. Moser in Wegscheid, inter alia by the hand-weaving F.. Sweden Star”, Mona, grandfather pattern it is handmade individuality. “Who the Bavarian Forest” will experience in its distinctive characteristics, which the three armchair is recommended: A typical Bayer forest mountain with spectacular rock formations, the is a walk and in the Winter explore can also with skis and sledges. “For more information see, and the tourist information Passauer land”, Tel. 0851/397-600, Cathedral square 11, 94032 Passau.

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