Nov 06 2021


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Take some strong and remember a pleasant contrast to the violent colour of the wine. You will taste the soft and floral wine with a slight hint of tannin. This wine tastes particularly good with meat dishes. Continue North and you will reach easily province of Emilia-Romagna. Go to any Winery and ask for a glass of Albana.

This wine reminds you of subtle wealth its straw-yellow color with gold accents. The gold is not only in the color, the taste is warm, sweet and fruity. This white wine is perfect with seafood. Further in the West, you can reach province Friuli – Veneto Giula, where you can taste the famous Ramandolo. This sweet white wine charms the intense yellow colour with green highlights.

Let but not confuse the color and not ask the winemakers, because he will be offended. Taste this wine first and talk later. To eat a piece of strong cheese, so that the taste is round. If you’re already there, you come also to Veneto. You don’t forget here Prosecco, what this province is particularly famous. The fish or as an aperitif, nowhere Prosecco tastes as good as in Veneto. The journey continues on to Lombardy, where they have two DOCG wines. Franciacorta is the first, this is a very light and soft white wine – particularly well fit to cake or dessert! But if you do crave something more taste, then a glass of the Valtellina Superiore, a red wine that is just right for you. This wine enchants with its colours, from Ruby Red to reddish brown. This dry wine has a strong tannin taste and is best suited to roasted meats and game. But no matter where you are just in Italy, you arrive in Italy back in the heart, Tuscany. You will wonder about the selection of Tuscan wines and especially about the selection of Italian wines. Chianti definitely know you and are eagerly awaiting the famous taste. Everywhere in the world there are discussions about full flavour and richness of this wine, and you know why: Chianti is an intensive Ruby red wine, whose Geschmack is full and robust. The taste but is easier with age. Its aroma is reminiscent of violets and is also very intense. This wine is particularly flexible and well with all kinds of meat and spicy cheese can be consumed. So when you next time ‘Fruit of the gods’ crave, Pack your bags, get in your car and go to Italy, where each province is an adventure for you and your taste buds! Have you become thirsty? team wishes you a pleasant journey!

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