Jun 19 2019

Willendorf Wachau

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The region boasts cultural Wachau in Austria, the world heritage Wachau, a 30 km-long river landscape, is wine and plenty of nature in Niederostereich between the two towns of Melk and Krems on the Danube. 80 kilometers away from the Wachau is the capital of Vienna. Since the year 2000, the UNESCO Wachau cultural landscape is world cultural heritage. The Danube in the Danube in the Wachau Wachau offers many leisure activities. The Danube is 2850 km total length after the Volga River the longest river in Europe. Cycling swimming at beaches on the Danube bike trail, boat trips on the Danube, or natural sand and gravel beaches or watersports are ideal activities for tourists. The story of the history of the Wachau Wachau has a long cultural tradition.

The two most famous archaeological finds are the Venus of Willendorf and the Venus of Galgenberg. The Venus of Willendorf is an 11 inch big statuette and was found in the Danube shore railway in Willendorf in 1908. The Venus of Galgenberg is a statuette of 7.2 centimeters and in 1988 was in the Nearby Krems found. Wachau, Austria Video the winemakers in the Wachau winemakers operate weissenkirchen – holidays in the Wachau as a mild climate prevails an intense wine in stone terraces, in the Wachau. An Association of the Wachau wine there since 1983, the Vinea Wachau”. The three categories of wine for the classification of the wines are called Steinfeder, Federspiel and Smaragd. The winemakers at their winery to pour wine and offer so-called delicacy.

Leisure activities in the Wachau region many leisure activities and attractions offered in the Wachau region. Posts, churches, basilicas, palaces, castles, museums and exhibitions are visited by the tourists. Above all the cruises along the Danube have a high priority for the tourists.

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