May 07 2019


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With increasing temperature, the range of fruit and vegetables in the supermarket and on weekly markets is even more extensive and appealing. Heilbronn/Leingarten, April 30, 2013: Colourful salads, many different vegetables, native and exotic fruits make for healthy variation on the plate. You have to be not a vegetarian so that the water in the mouth one at the sight of juicy strawberries, or crunchy bell peppers. Summer offers a wide variety of different fruits, which invite to appetizing arranged scenes in shop Windows and salesrooms. And by the way even a sunny summer feeling spread.

The decorative fruits in the current catalogue spring/summer 2013 look deceptively genuine by Worner decoration specialist, that you would prefer into bite. Manufactured from high-quality, washable plastic and its look very realistic, they are a tantalizing feast for the eyes for the Viewer. For more information see this site: cloud computing. Durable and resilient they are suitable for all creative ideas around the theme of summer mood. Bananas as strand or federal, dark red cherries and melon pieces, shiny apples and pears and grape stems form only a part of the fruit supply. Also exotic varieties such as Pitaya, carambola, persimmon or grenadine allure with its magnificent appearance. To devote a whole showcase of a special fruit, requires some creativity, but no problem.

The strawberry gets their individual appearance with a large display as a background motif, with Strawberry vines, as full and halved fruit in XXL format as well as in the pot as a strawberry plant and as a scattering object. Or should it be more refreshing? The banner of lemon”on the lemon right and is accompanied by slices of lemon in oversize. Everything that promises Summer freshness is perfect as a further supplement. Lime, sun chairs, straw hats and the slice of lemon on the chilled cocktail glass. But also a healthy salad bar should not be forgotten. Lettuce, carrots, radish plump, juicy tomatoes and huge pepperoni are piling in wooden crates and Wheelbarrows. Who would like to expand the collection of delicious vegetables, uses peppers, artichokes, Eggplant and corn on the cob. There’s something for every taste.

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