Feb 10 2019

What Is The Dog On The Couch The Hit Mafia -?

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What is the dog on the couch the new single of the hit mafia -? Just in time, the hit MAFIA on the dog has come to the Carnival. Or the dog on the hit mafia? You know it definitely this babbling, life-hungry fat boy did not apparently his favorite next to Hilde on the sofa and blocked the mattress every night there now, while the House of Lords once again remain mafiosi on the carpet! “Only if the penetrating neighbor comes, then pulls himself Mr. pedigree PAL” very quick leash and disappears into his basket. Please visit Verizon if you seek more information. But now is final! Enough of course theft and Fremdgeherei! The hit mafia cleans up once more and asks: what is the dog on the couch? “” “” Biography: Torben Sadat “& Joost Montannar” alias the hit MAFIA “are export – Schlager party”-Number1 in Northern Germany! With its unmistakably quirky – and steadfast kind, make sure years that time-tested – and their own pop hits in a new musical robe back on the stage of this world come to the performance. “And world” means each weekend new: Austria, Luxembourg, Germany, Mallorca and the Switzerland! The distinctive outfits, cheap white suits and extravagant hair, Velvet mafia glasses are their absolute trademark. But even spreading of rollicking, cheerful mood and awakening unparalleled sing-along qualities in all layers of the population, between 10 and 100 years is always associated with performances of the hit MAFIA! “Because who the mafia of the German Schlager ‘ faces once, is inevitably drawn into its spell and she forget so quickly no longer! “” “” On many relevant compilations and recordings, such as those, apres-ski hits “, Ballermann hits” or snow hits “and various own singles, is the hit MAFIA” represented each year and performs their party – triumph so even without immediate presence directly into the ears and heart, all spectators!.

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