Dec 25 2017


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Poster print with more effectiveness, INnUP relaunches poster Bremen, March 23, 2009: Bremen online printing company increases flexibility and usability by relaunch of poster printing, printing/poster and allows now low-cost printing of advertising more effective special formats. For businesses, the effectiveness of each measure is important. This applies in particular in the field of advertising and of course especially in difficult times. This need of effective advertising is especially drawing within the framework of the printing of promotional material, such as posters. Here, many other costs come together next to the printing of the posters.

So an idea must be developed first, this then be realized in text and design, marketed in the form of a printable file and after printing the poster must at various locations then are hung or glued and the sites themselves in many cases previously acquired. The pressure of special formats tend to be about 10 is 20% more expensive, these additional costs put into perspective however in terms of the total cost of the poster action considerably, so that the total cost 5% higher to 2, the effectiveness of the overall action but up to 50% higher may be. The Bremen online printing INnUP responds to this customer’s need to differentiate into Werbemassnahem and get noticed. So be INnUP not only the classic post formats DIN online calculated A3 to A0 and Citylight and ordered, but also virtually any special formats. A poster, that extremely long front wide is much more striking than the old graphics. Also a square posters tends to be an eye-catcher and thus increases the effectiveness for advertisers. Companies and agencies can now calculate the best format online and order directly. And regardless of whether they are short-run digital printing or large editions in offset printing.

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