Jun 27 2019

Web Directories

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The beispielose success of search engines has ensured that Web catalogs have to assume a new role. Is this role a really useful? There since the beginning of the Internet – webcatalogue. But so far no Web catalog could prevail as opposed to the now world famous search engines comparable successfully. Search engines, such as Google search the Internet more quickly and offer a wider range of results. But anyone who attaches importance to a clear result, is in very good hands with a Web catalog, because it displays only Web pages that match the search term. Depending on the provider, offered links to one to several categories were previously tested for their quality. But in order to ensure the reliability of links, users must often forego a topicality of the provided information.

A high-quality catalogue thus lives by the efforts of his owner on regular maintenance and extension of the contents. Customer-oriented operator such as WebGuide.org or OA industry book now in addition to their offer to several search engines offer. These customers can access, if you’re looking for topics or items not in the catalogue can be found. The question of whether catalogues promote the awareness of your own Web pages, is today often denied. Search engines improve the page ranking for webmasters usually, the more often is linked to a page in Web directories. Who but these directories is not a careful quality examination, risking the opposite by a registration, because linking carelessly listed catalogues now leads to a devaluation by the search engines and thus to a lower page ranking.

Just for novice webmasters catalogs can be a great tool to increase the awareness of your own pages, because the registration is free of charge in most cases. Webmaster frequently criticize the laborious and lengthy process of recording in various catalogues. You deter the Directories to search individually and appropriately fill out many forms. Nowadays, but so-called “submitter programs” are available, in which already addresses of many directories are stored and which also offer assistance in filling out the forms.

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