May 17 2019

Water Treatment (Bayrol) Part 1:

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Water treatment in their own pool – tips and tricks the prerequisite for a functioning water treatment is the circulation and filtration of the water, also called physical water treatment and the addition of water care products, such as from the House of BAYROL. The physical and chemical water treatment complement each other and are the same important for an effective treatment of the pool water. Because circulation and filtration alone are not enough to keep the water clear and germ-free, chemical water treatment with BAYROL is essential products. Bacteria, fungi and viruses are killed only base BAYROL soft & easy through the use of disinfectants, such as BAYROL Chlorifix, Chlorilong or on active oxygen. Algae growth is prevented by the use of an Algizids, BAYROL Desalgin or Desalgin Jet and a flocculation with Superflock removes small particles and turbidity from the water cartridges.

Every pool owner must maintain so chemically his swimming pool water, to bathe in hygienically perfect bath water. The maintenance will quickly become routine, should be done regularly. A good physical water treatment withheld most of the larger dirt particles through the flow of the filter. Generally we recommend the filter system’s pump so long to allow, that the volume of the basin is circulated approximately 2-3 times per day. This is in most cases of a period of 8 hours.

A longer time period is better. When using a sand filter must the boiler are backwashed every week. The back washed part of the water in the pool must be filled with fresh water. Foreign objects that are still in the water can with net and Rod are removed or these particles are extracted using an automatic pool cleaner / automatic floor cleaner. Chemical water treatment consists of four successive steps of care, the order should be adhered with to get an optimal result. BAYROL, offers the right maintenance steps and instructions for each product. The first step is the Ph Regulation with BAYROL pH-minus. The second step is the disinfection of water. The third step the algae prevention and finally the use of flakes. Swimming pool water is exposed to the most diverse every day, inorganic and organic substances by the bather, environment and nature. Water treatment does not work this has the consequence, that the water will quickly dull and is an ideal medium for bacteria and algae growth. Also known as hardness precipitation can occur in hard water, contained in the water settles with the pool walls and at the pelvic floor as crystals. Remedy can the addition of BAYROL Calcinex here. Simply type Calcinex after refilling the pool in the water. It is so urgently needed to use swimming pool water care. If you are not disinfected, bacteria are formed. If nothing against algae is done, the water is green. If it does nothing against precipitation of calcium carbonate, rugged basin walls arise. If you not optimally adjusts the pH, the disinfection with chlorine loses to Effect, prosthetic parts can occur and the protective mantle of the skin being attacked. Described scenario is accelerated by warmer water. Through a system of chemical and physical measures, however, swimming pool owners are able to keep your pool water over a long period in a hygienic condition. Crystal clear and free of unpleasant odours. So put on the water care steps by BAYROL for an optimal result. water treatment/bayrol /.

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