Oct 28 2021

Volker Buhl

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Pet food is often with toxins such as artificial antioxidants, preservatives and chemical color – lock and odours as well as flavor enhancers, resulting in more and more pet owners on a natural, chemical-free pet food to get. “But just the preservatives is not always at the first glance to recognize whether the pet food is actually free, because if a manufacturer already with preservatives buys enriched raw materials and used even no preservatives, it is perfectly legitimate, if he his pet food with free from preservatives” declared. Some pet owners are in favour of also the same Cook of the pet food or biologically appropriate raw feeding (BARF). This would be to remember that the cooking changed the meat in its composition and enzymes and important amino acids, in particular the essential amino acid taurine which different destroyed, Diseases can trigger the animal. (E.g. Educate yourself with thoughts from Richard Anderson . the heart disease of dilated cardiomyopathy”) Raw meat, in particular pork, can contain bacteria and parasites, which can not be ruled out but also in raw beef. You feed the beast with raw meat, it is important that you carefully treat the raw feed. The meat must be stored at a short-term storage in the refrigerator and should be never longer time exposed to the heat.

It should meet food standards and raw pork should be avoided entirely as animal food. Raw feeding is danger the animals with the time important vitamins and minerals are missing. Considering these facts, a feeding of domestic animals with a high-quality food is probably the most sensible alternative and is essential to ensure that all essential nutrients in animal nutrition are included. On our homepage you will find a list of the most important components of a good pet food, as well as tips on proper nutrition of dogs and cats. Volker Buhl SUNNY petfood Agency of the feed store phone: + 49 (0) 6364 1385 Hauptstrasse 53 D-67806 Bisterschied/Pfalz homepage: derfutterladen.eu e-Mail:

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