May 12 2016

Viktor Frankl

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The more one forgets himself – giving himself to serving the important business or love for another human being – the more he humane and the more he realizes himself. What is called self-realization, there should be a goal, for the simple reason that more than chasing after her, the more certain it can be missed. In other words, self-realization is possible as side effect of "going beyond their limits." For what do you live now? If the meaning of life can not be simply borrowed from others, then perhaps there are issues to indicate the direction to find, but rather making responsibility for the selection of, the individual meaning of life? I hope the following tips will help you learn more about their motives and values. Little time, little effort and perhaps the fog clears and you will answer to the question – For what do you live now? Write a list of number 1: everything you want in this life. Record any ideas of desire, small and large. All that comes to mind. (Try to write 100 desires). Write quickly, to perform tasks assigned to 3 minutes.

List of number 2 Imagine that at your disposal all the money (millions, billions). You are not the owner of the cash flow is excised. What do you do, what to do? How you'll live? Write your short (3 minutes). List of number 3, you are rich and perfectly healthy, but you know what you have to live for three months! What do you do these days, what to do? (3 minutes). List List 4 5 From the resulting nine targets, select and record three the most important goals. Results: Before you your most important goals is one thing for which you are living in the moment. Perhaps, the result may surprise you, perhaps, disappointed or brought in front of enthusiastic, well, you should pay attention vital reference points may change, but this happens only in case if there is a soul-searching. Board of Viktor Frankl's "Live as if you live for the second time, and as if you did the first time the same error you are going to make now! "- gives advice Frankl, and argues that this principle is able to arouse a sense of responsibility. Effectiveness of the principle he explains as follows: "First, it allows you to imagine that now – is the past, and then – that the past can still be changed and corrected. This instruction puts the person face to face with the finiteness of life, as well as to the finality of what he was doing with my life and myself. " Try? Living with Meaning, and as if the second time …

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