Mar 05 2019

Vehicle Trade And Vehicle Customers

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The new way for dealer / the new way to attract new customers to search easily and quickly for customers and to find a new method of the vehicle search. No presentations, no ads, through which the customer must tedious work. On our platform, the customer describes what he’s looking for. Then we work. We forward the requests to the listed merchants.

The traders have then – unless you offer a corresponding vehicle can – nothing further to do, as the contact with the customer. To customers, where is shown, that the vehicle due to age or asking price no dealer is located, we contact the. Find you can’t still driveable trays, if possible for free with us. More and more dealers in the network can be list on the basis of our excellent price-performance ratio. Ultimately, it is also always again especially welcomed that we have created a completely new method of determining customer and thus represent a whole new marketing tool. We see ourselves as a supplement to the so far before. For customers who are looking for “just” a car, ad markets remain the first stop safely. For customers who have very precise ideas regarding interior / exterior paint / trim, the ad markets represent but a higher amount of time.

Where we also noted that customers sometimes have neither the time nor the desire to work through the various ad markets. Formulated and wait – even for the customers an absolute time saver. A rapid communication layer to have means other together in the network for wanted vehicles. Instead of calls by Germany, enters the search mail (such as with customers) and will be distributed to the listed dealer.

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