Jul 23 2019

Using Internet Business Opportunities

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The first step is to investigate the market. How do I research the market?. The world’s largest companies, hire the best researchers in the market, before investing in a product, because they have a lot of money. Now I am going to present the best tool for them to investigate and absolutely free. It is no secret that Google is the most used browser in the world and with a lead very, very, over his nearest competitor Yahoo. Now Google will enter once there, look for “Keyword Tool.” The first result is the following address: This tool lets you know how many people seek a particular word.

Since Google logs all the words are searched. A Once there, we can look for example: leather shoes, and we know how many people are looking for leather shoes, and in the “Advertiser Competition” we’ll see how much competition there is in that product. 2. Once you find a product or service that has high demand and little competition, go to the second step is to start selling online, this is much easier and more economical than renting a place and pay high monthly fees. Now, you may ask What do I need to make a website? How do I get paid? How do I find my website? To have a website, you get: a. Domain, which is the name that will have your website, for example MiNegocio.com annual payment is an approximate cost of $ 10. b. Hosting, which is the place where you store your website. The payment is annual and here you get good hosting, as there are many with which could have many problems. You could get roughly from $ 20 year. c. Web page design. This will be the most expensive, but you only have to pay a one time for it. Papara receive payments, you can use Paypal, which is the most economical and accepts major credit cards. You could also use 2CheckOut. 3. The next step is promoting your website and attract visitors who are interested in buying your product or service. For this I recommend Google AdWords advertising in magazines and other media that you think will send many customers. If your business is export, you could work with Alibaba, Kotear (from Peru), Free Market, Google Checkout, among others. 4. As a last step capacitate with issues related to your business and talk to successful people in business. In closing I must tell you that every business requires dedication and persistence.

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