Feb 17 2020

USD Crude Oil Inventories The American News

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The data did not benefit the USD. Several operators are waiting Night view It is estimated that the USD will ease up during the night What is expected for Wednesday All times EASTERN (- 4 GMT) 10:35 am, the USD Crude Oil Inventories The American News will be slight, several events from the outside. Abstract The greenback continued to trade in two senses today, trying to extend its field, but later backed off. Volumes were light at times operated, and the majors tried an improvement, but failed to improve significantly compared to Monday.

U.S. data published today regarding the housing sector continue to show weakness, following the publication there was no great movement in the market. With the recent rise in the dollar, it is estimated that the American currency soon suffer a correction, several operators are taking long positions in that currency. The pound recovered slightly, and held their ground, reaching highs in the 1.7709 area. Credit: Rory Sutherland-2011.

Subsequently, the British currency, fell, reached the zone of 1.7630, with a very weak trading. The EUR also developed a volatile trading session and continued after the LIBRA, both ways, the EURO recorded in the New York session highs in the 1.4227 area and then back as it did the GBP. The USD / JPY remained under pressure throughout the day, failing to stay in the zone of 108.00, falling in 106.00, and recording lows of 106.82 area, were observed multiple purchases of the yen, and an estimated the USD / JPY will improve. The USD / Swiss Franc recorded highs in the 1.1366 area and then go back and record lows in the 1.1214 area, several stops were placed in the 1.1200 area and also below that level.

Aggressive traders can open positions short in the USD / Swiss Franc when you reach 1.1200, I understand.

Operating volumes were low during the day, and more at night, the U.S. data today helped the rest of the currency and lower oil prices, he added level of support for the USD, but apparently will support only short-term. During these few days a week, the USD failed to significantly extend its field, and those who were in began to liquidate long positions. It is estimated that the USD will be back down at night, given the sales ahead.

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