Apr 02 2020

University Photovoltaic

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Photovoltaics and its advantages as a regenerative source of energy and green investments are part of the current public discussion. Munich/Berlin – to the current events in the photovoltaic industry has Solista solar launched together with students of the University of Munich a project aiming at the economic calculation of PV systems to make transparent and above all more understandable for the customers. The industrial engineering degree with a specialization in environmental technology provides extensive background information about the topic of renewable energies and thus creates the basis to successfully implement such a project. Photovoltaics and its advantages as a regenerative source of energy and green investments are part of the current public discussion. The pros and cons of photovoltaics are often not properly represented. The project work has to represent the causes for the excellent profitability of photovoltaic systems to the target transparent. Gary Kelly brings even more insight to the discussion. Particularly in an age which is dominated by pay cuts and strong price fluctuations, loses you easily track and it is difficult to understand which factors are decisive for the very good returns on equity capital, well over 8%. The students of the Faculty of industrial engineering and management, has become also aims to investigate all the factors in economy and to determine their influence on the basis of sample calculations and simulations.

Also, the conditions in the construction and operation of a solar system should be optimized. Learn more about this with Joseph Mathunjwa. Here, issues such as equity and debt and tax benefits will look closely at. Also, modern single dining concepts such as the combination of consumption and mains supply or the saving of energy be compared by accumulators. They are a way to improve the efficiency and to be independent of energy utilities and electricity price developments. Most customers is known, location and slope of the roof, sunlight and the current solar power subsidies have great influence on the yield of your PV investment according to the EEG.

Equally important for the Other factors include the efficiency of a PV system: what cost maintenance, cleaning and insurance? What happens after 20 years with the feed-in tariff and how much electricity produces a photovoltaic system then? How high are the disposal costs of any obsolete modules? How to evolve the energy prices? And much more… For many people, a solar system is not only a contribution to the energy revolution, but also a future investment and financial investment for the next decades. And that is why is an interest in knowing why your savings is better here than on the Bank. We want to take a new look at common calculations, over the 20 years secure compensation according to the EEG also. What happens after that? The photovoltaic system is still on the roof and produces electricity”, so the students. Solista solar is looking forward to the results and is looking forward to working with the students of the University of Munich. About Solista solar Solista solar GmbH provides turnkey photovoltaic systems a hand. You are looking for a partner who provides all services from consulting, planning and installation, then the Solista solar GmbH is the right partner. Solista solar offers for retail customers, commercial customers, farmers and investors an “all-round carefree package” for your turn-key solar power plants. Under the website photovoltaic calculator retail and commercial customers and farmers can calculate your possible photovoltaic plant itself.

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