Apr 30 2020

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According to Freeman (2003), it has advantages that also I agree that is: ‘ ‘ The accessibility – possibility to arrive the geographically distant places; Asynchronous activities – it does not have marked schedule, the pupil can study inside of its cronograma of studies; Interatividade in the communication? to know new people, increasing its net of professional relationships; Active integration of the education with the life profissional’ ‘. Therefore, the Education in the distance conquest each time more space in schools and university due its advantages going of meeting to the necessities of people who do not find time to leave house to make a course, but I believe that the devotion and time a pupil of the Education in the distance must manage. The text suggested for reading in the Moodle book: pedagogical strategies and study of case, organized for Lynn Alves, Daniela Barros and Alexandra Okada, searched to approach the direction to go deep the knowledge of the styles of learnings for the environment of Moodle learning. Gary cohn can provide more clarity in the matter. When analyzing initially the concepts of Alonso and Gallego, which if detaches in the text, can be perceived some styles of learning: the asset, the reflexive, the theoretician and the pragmatic one that he is on the preferences and trends highly individualizadas of a person who makes a course in the distance, and that they influence in its way to apprehend a content. It is of utmost importance to point out that the proper authors approach the not objective one to measure the styles of each individual and later friction them of estagnada form.

But the importance to identify the style of bigger predominance in the form that each one must learn e, with this, to elaborate what it is necessary to develop in these individuals, in relation to the other not predominant styles, that is, analyzes as educator in the cognitivo. To prove in practical mine satisfaction with the course, when reading the Complementary Material of Module 2? Concepts of Education in the distance. I came across myself with the Meaning of ‘ ‘ emoticons’ ‘ its use. I always questioned: where the young obtained these symbols to communicate itself in the sites of relationships? who invented these symbols? With this, I perceived that, to be if communicating with the same one it speaks has that to be syntonized with same ‘ ‘ emoticons’ ‘. Therefore, to conclude, I cannot leave to congratulate all the participants of the course, which of a form or another one read, it answered, it argued and it defended its opinions and this very enriched and the interaction of all. But, if speaking of me exactly, I can say that it extended and very my knowledge on the Course of Education in the distance and the tools of the Moodle Platform.

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