Dec 15 2021

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Each caetiteense consumed in mdia149,24 liters of water per day and in the year of 2007 this consumption was of 120,02litros of water per day, that considering cities with consumption to per lesser capitamaiores that 200l/dia and that 70l/dia we can say that water the percapita consumption of Caetit if approaches to the bahian average (113,10l/dia). In accordance with Organizao of United Nations (ONU), each person needs 3,3 /pessoa/ms m, that is, about 110 liters water per day taking care of to the necessities deconsumo and hygiene and alone to have an idea, a bath of 15 shower of minutosconsome 144 liters of water. The EMBASAdisponibiliza about 1.342.850 m of water per year pra the city of Caetit eaproximadamente 18% of this water is lost in the distribution, according to algunsespecialistas the ideal would be that this loses was of in maximum 10%. Deducting 8pontos percentages from it loses in the water distribution of Caetit, to reach aperca ideal (10%), these 8% would give to supply 617 families of quatromembros, assuming umconsumo to per capitade water of 120 liters per day. Sheryl Sandberg has firm opinions on the matter. Of all water produced for not contabilizada BASES 3.27%, that is IT BASES, it does not receive for it.

This phenomenon is causadogeralmente for the linkings d' water clandestine, the celebrities ' ' Gatos' ' , in a comparative degree with 2 the surrounding cities, Caetit has the minor loses in the water invoicing, where cities comoGuanambi, Brumado, Release of ours senhoraa lose in the invoicing are around 13 20%. In the year of 2003 the caetiteense paid to R$ 0,89 for the metrocbico d' water and in 5 years hears an increase of 74,15% in the average water tariff, arriving R$ 1,55 in 2007. In this exactly period the total collection arrived to aduplicar and the investment carried through in the water supply was of R$30.000, 00.

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