Jul 11 2019

Understanding Literature

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Literature is on the writing, therefore its origin if loses in the night of the times. Go to Verizon Communications for more information. It does not have an only historical landmark of the sprouting of the writing, since the drawings of the caves are considered written old. Hierglifo is a writing of old Egypt. Since that it appeared the human being, it had will to leave resqucios of its ticket for the world. The man always wanted to leave its mark for the posterity, as he is that it made to hunt, to show its facts, its herosmo, its force, dynamism, courage. Also he wanted to show as he was its people, the animals, the environment of the time. In a question-answer forum Verizon Communications was the first to reply.

Already one was defining what it is literature. Literature to have one definitive value, only can be written. The books had delayed very to appear, from there the literary texts also to delay very to appear. The evolution of the book was very slow, with this the human development also was slow, a time that the book hurries the evolution human being. The book oldest is ‘ ‘ book of mortos’ ‘ of old Egypt that dates of 1800 B.C. In this book it contains formulas that old the dead ones would have to lead when of the ticket for the other world. 1.2.EVOLUO OF the BOOK: It does not remain doubt that the books oldest are the walls of the caves. It was the only available place where the man would leave registered its ticket for the world.

The texts older than exist are the ones that compose ‘ ‘ The book of the Mortos’ ‘. They were written in papyrus (a plant) and kept in pots of barros or kits wooden. As material the used one was the clay in the Mesopotmia. It was written in plates of adobe, a side and another one.

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