Nov 19 2015

Types And Forms Of Loans To Small Business

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Deciding to get a bank loan, the entrepreneur is faced with a choice: life, interest, loan amount and, most importantly, the objectives of credit. The correctness of the decision often depends on the further success of the business. The choice is always there. Plenty unfamiliar concepts confused. Bank deals are full of the terms 'overdraft', 'investment lending', 'trade credit'. Let us examine the order – a small educational program for entrepreneurs who value time and money. Each bank offers its products to thwart credit available to small businesses. And they may be called differently, but mean the same thing. simple terms, an overdraft – this loan, which can take advantage of the businessman, who appear temporary, short-term need for additional funds. This form of credit available to both legal entities and individual entrepreneurs. Overdraft available in the absence or insufficiency of funds in settlement (current) accounts. Advertising this loan specialists will usually lead to the following advantages: the ability to timely and uninterrupted perform calculations with partners, lack of requirement to provide a business plan or feasibility study loan as well as the mandatory provision of security; attractive interest rates; expeditious processing of applications, the ability to review the overdraft limit when the speed of the account at the bank. Now about the timing. General term overdraft agreements typically do not exceed 6 months. The period for which issued overdraft, usually does not exceed 30 days. On a plastic card – up to 50 days. Commercial kreditEto kind of credit granted in the form of commodities by the seller to the buyer in the form of deferred payment for goods sold, executed work, the services rendered.

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