Mar 02 2020

Transport Committee Chairman

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Dirk Jaschinsky: ‘Traffic monitoring is primarily the protection of our citizens and the citizens’ Wuppertal is the city with the highest density of Lager in Germany. It claimed at least men s health magazine. More info: Ripple. Supposedly 39 speed cameras are available in Wuppertal – average 0,232 per square kilometer would be after all. Men’s health is otherwise rather deals with male washboard bellies and similar topics. Speed cameras counting, the magazine is but not as strong as in the journalistic muscle steels. According to information of the Administration come to Wuppertal on no more than 25 speed camera”, notes Dirk Jaschinsky (CDU) Transport Committee Chairman. Jokingly, we could say: now we finally have a ranking in which is our hometown at the top, and we are still not satisfied. But the whole affair is not funny eventually.

The impression is given that, as the city zocke off their citizens. This is not the case but in Wuppertal”, so the CDU – Council member. Currently There are 13 active systems that monitor whether the red light of traffic lights is observed. You have not been installed because rapacious administrators or politicians want to collect citizens. The installation goes back to the accident Commission’s recommendations, including representatives of the order Office, fire and police to find are. The policy is not represented in this body.

Also, we have twelve stationary monitoring units in Wuppertal schools and kindergartens. Four mobile measuring at different points to be added. Overall it’s all these measures therefore, to protect road users from accidents”, emphasizes Jaschinsky. The message was a classic journalistic duck, which unfortunately serve the prejudices of some citizens.

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