Apr 29 2019


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Sections of wire windings and all parts of the transformer, as well as any electrical device or an electric machine, are not determined by the active component of the current or active capacity, and the total current flowing through the conductor and, consequently, the total power. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Verizon Communications. All other quantities characterizing the operation of the transformer in an environment in which it was intended, also known as nominal. Each transformer equipped with a flap of material which will not weathered. Shield attached to the transformer tank in a conspicuous place and it contains nominal data, which are marked by etching, engraving, knocking out or other means ensuring longevity symbols. To shield the transformer the following information: 1. Name of manufacturer. 2.

Year. 3. Serial number. 4. Type designation. 5. Standard number, which corresponds to fabricated transformer. 6.

Rated power (kVA). (For three-winding transformers, power point to each winding.) 7. Rated voltage and the voltage taps of the windings (or in kV). 8. Rated currents of each winding (A). 9. The number of phases. 10. Frequency (Hz). 11. Schematic and band windings of the transformer. 12. Short-circuit voltage (%). 13. Rhode setup (internal or external). 14. Way cool. 15. Total weight of the transformer (kg or tonnes). 16. Weight of oil (kg or tonnes). 17. Weight of active part (kg or tonnes). 18. The switch positions, marked by his drive. For a transformer with an artificial air-cooled additionally indicated its power disconnected cooling. The serial number is stamped also on the transformer tank under the flap on the lid near the input phases A and B viral load at the left top shelf beams magnetic yoke. Symbol of the transformer consists of a letter or digital parts. The letters are as follows: T – three-phase transformer, The – single, M – natural oil cooling, D – oil cooling with blowing (air and artificial with the natural circulation of oil), U – the oily cooled with forced circulation of oil through a water cooler, DC – with an oil-blast and forced circulation of oil, T – lightning-proof transformer, H at the end of designation – a transformer with voltage regulation under load, and H in second place – filled with non-flammable liquid-filled, and T in third place – three-winding transformer. The first number appearing after the letter designation of the transformer, shows nominal power (KVA), the second number – nominal voltage coil HV (kV). For example, type TM 6300 / 35 means a two-winding three-phase transformer with a natural oil cooling capacity of 6300 kVA and voltage coil HV 35 kV. The letter A in the notation autotransformer type transformer means. In the three-winding autotransformer designation letter and becoming either the first or last. If the auto-transformer circuit is the primary (HV and MV windings form autotransformer winding and an additional HH), the letter A placed first, unless the auto-transformer scheme is more, the letter A placed last.

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